Interacting With Law Enforcement

When you are on the receiving end of being pulled over, there’s no tried and true method of “getting out” of receiving a ticket. Many drivers think that there are, and it usually has to do with what they see on TV and in movies. However, these are works of fiction, and you should never try them with a police officer.

First of all, don’t try to flirt your way out of a ticket. It doesn’t matter how attractive you may be; many law enforcement officers are married, and flirting will probably do little more than annoy them further. Look at it this way; if you were at work, and you saw someone doing the wrong thing and you called them out, would you want them to act a fool, or own up to it?

The second thing, and it’s far more difficult to achieve, is to not admit guilt. Even if you know that you were speeding, don’t admit it; you are not on trial. It is not your responsibility to prove your guilt, but they will do their best to trap you into admitting you were.

Third; just be nice and courteous. Law enforcement have hard jobs; the last thing they need is someone screaming in their face. Not only will being rude almost definitely get you in trouble, but it just makes their job that much harder. You don’t like dealing with rude people at your job, and neither do they.

For more assistance with your traffic violations, just call the experts. We can answer all your questions and provide great traffic citation defense.

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